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Upcoming Auctions

Firearms Auction
Saturday, June 9, 2018 09:00 AM
Location: Goeman Auction Pavilion
Directions: 27711 SD HWY 17
Directions: 1 mile North of Lennox, SD

Over 275 Firearms & Military Bayonets

At Auction!

Saturday, June 9th @ 9 a.m.

At the Goeman Auction Pavilion located 1 mile north of Lennox, S.D.; we will be conducting another large Firearms Auction including a very large personal collection from Illinois which includes over 3 dozen NIB Henry Rifles as well as a fine collection of vintage bayonets/knives & a pallet of ammo in most calibers/gauges.  Early listings include:

Rifles/Shotguns: We have over 3 dozen NIB Henry Rifles including many commemorative & tribute rifles in .22, 22mag, 357, 45-70, 44 mag., 45LC, 30-30, 17HMR in Big Boys, Silver Boys, Golden Boys & 4-Mares Legs!  Thompson 45 auto Carbine; Eagle Black Arrow 50BMG bolt act. Rifle; Postal Meter 30 cal. Carbine; Several Browning Shotguns w/Gold Deer Hunter Slug gun, 3-A-5’s, BPS 10s & 20 ga., Dbl. Model 12 ga., 2 shot auto, Remington 870’s, Marlin 925 22mag; Ruger 10/22 American Farmer comm.; Bushmaster & DPMS 223’s; Beretta Silver Mallard AL370; Russian Saige 45/410; Browning 243 & 270 Rifles; & many more.  Handguns: 2-Colt 1911 45 autos, WWII commemoratives, both “uncycled” & in presentation cases; Sig 1911 45acp; S&W Govenor 45/410; Ruger 45, Security 6 357, BlackHawk 45 & 357’s, & a Bearcat 22 Revolvers; Browning Buckmark 22; Colt King Cobra 357 & a Colt Detective 38; Glock 380; Colt MkIV 45 auto Officer’s Model & many others.  Go to our website to see full listing.  Bayonets: We have 29 assorted Bayonets of various styles ranging from 1876 through WWII.  Ammunition: We have a veritable Railroad cart stacked with rifle & handgun shells of most all calibers as well as cases of shotgun shells.  Also, reloaders & accessories. 

Terms:  Cash.  Absolutely all purchases must be settled for at the auction.  Visa/MC available.  All FFL license laws will apply to this auction sale.

Auctioneer’s Notes:  This will be another great firearms auction with lots of good variety.  For complete listings & photos of each lotted item please go to  We have another great Fall lineup pending this year so if you have estate guns or collections that you would like scheduled in, contact Jeff, Zac or Taylor as soon as possible for scheduling.  If you find that you are unable to attend this auction you can always bid via  Don’t miss out!    

Goeman Auction Service

Give Jeff or Zac a call to book your next auction sale!

Jeff Goeman
Physical: 27711 South Dakota Hwy 17 Mailing: 220 E Boynton Ave , Lennox South Dakota 57039
Phone: 1-605-647-2898
Zac Van Beek
Physical: 27711 South Dakota Hwy 17 Mailing: 220 E Boynton Ave , Lennox South Dakota 57039
Phone: 1-605-647-2898

Terms: Cash or check accompanied by photo ID. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Not Responsible for Accidents.